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Ronen chats about Season 1

Ronen Rubinstein plays Owen’s son and fellow firefighter T.K. Strand. One of the reasons for the move to Austin is Owen’s desire to get T.K. out of New York City after the young man attempted suicide following a disastrous romantic breakup. Now T.K. is trying to maintain his hold on being clean and sober while embarking on a tentative new relationship with police officer Carlos Reyes (Rafael Silva) and fitting in with the local community of first responders.

ASSIGNMENT X: Is there an aspect of playing a firefighter that you found either very enjoyable or very challenging?

RONEN RUBINSTEIN: I find it all enjoyable, even when it’s challenging. I truly look at these people [real-world first responders] as the real superheroes. When there’s crisis or there’s something awful happening in the world, we’re not calling on people with capes and tights. It’s firemen, it’s cops, it’s medics. So I’ve always had a tremendous respect for them, but it’s only elevated and grown.

AX: Do you have things where multiple actors have to handle the piece of equipment together, like a firehose?

RUBINSTEIN: Yeah, absolutely. We’ve done a massive firefighting scene, where I’m leading the hose, and Brian Michael Smith [as firefighter Paul Strickland] is behind me. It does take a couple people to hold that thing. There’s so much force coming out of that not just one person can handle it.

AX: How much have you studied or discussed with real firefighters about their reactions to emergency situations?

RUBINSTEIN: The biggest thing that I take away from firemen is, they are at a constant level of calm, and they’re very collected, and there is no panic involved. Because they can’t show the people that they are trying to save that they’re panicked or scared, or anything like that. So you have to keep a very balanced, level attitude when you approach these crazy missions.

AX: Were you excited about getting to play the son of a character being played by Rob Lowe?

RUBINSTEIN: Of course. Any time you get to work with someone who’s been doing it for so long, and has such a career – I mean, I feel so fortunate and blessed to be in this position. Because I’m sort of fresh in this business. And not only Rob Lowe – I get to work with Liv Tyler, and I just feel extremely fortunate to be able to learn and watch them every day on set, and to be beside them. It’s been amazing. The stakes are higher, but it puts you on your A game. And it really makes you a better actor, and a better person, and a better professional. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken away, is that with the responsibility that I hold of playing Rob’s son, everything has to be elevated, and I think I’ve come up to the challenge.

AX: We learn in the first episode of 9-1-1: LONE STAR that Rob Lowe’s character, Owen Strand, is sincerely obsessed with skin care. Are we going to find out that your character T.K. is obsessed with skin care, too?

RUBINSTEIN: No. I don’t think so. I don’t think he takes that from his dad. He definitely appreciates it, but that’s Owen Strand’s thing.

Source : Assignment X

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